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Surgery Equipment
and Supplies

Veterinary Surgery Tables
Flat Top Veterinary Surgery Table
V-Top Veterinary Surgery Table

Surgical Stands and Accessories
Stainless Steel Kick Bucket and Frame
Space Saver Veterinary Stand
Six-Leg Infusion Pump Stand
Economy 4-Leg, 4-Hook IV Pole
Economy 4-Leg, 2-Hook IV Pole
Single Post Stainless Steel Mayo Stand
Double Post Mayo Stand
Premium Mobile Instrument Stand
Economy Instrument Stand

Veterinary Surgery Lights
Veterinary AIM LED
Veterinary AIM-50
Veterinary AIM-100
Veterinary CoolSpot II
Veterinary Outpatient II

Vital Signs Monitors
BM5Vet Blood Pressure Module
BM3Vet Blood Pressure Module
BM1Vet Blood Pressure Module
Oxy9 Pulse Oximeter

Veterinary Anesthesia Units
Veterinary BICKFORD Stand Model 51110
Veterinary BICKFORD Stand Model 51111
Veterinary BICKFORD Stand Model 51112

Lab Equipment
and Supplies

Lab Microscopes
Veterinary M250 Microscope
Veterinary CXL Microscope

Porta-Spin C826
Porta-Spin C828
PowerSpin BX
C-MH30 Micro-Hematocrit

Infection Control
Equipment and Supplies

Sterilizer Supplies

Used and Refurbished Autoclaves
Used Pelton Crane Veterinary Autoclaves
Used Midmark Veterinary Autoclaves
Used Tuttnauer Veterinary Autoclaves

New Veterinary Autoclaves
Tuttnauer Veterinary Autoclaves
Pelton Crane Veterinary Autoclaves

Examination Equipment
and Supplies

Veterinary Scales
VET400 Digital Vet Scale
VET50 Digital Vet Scale
VET330WH Digital Veterinary Scale
VET-TEC 2000 Platform Scale

Veterinary Exam Lights
Veterinary Gleamer
Veterinary Super Exam 50
Veterinary Super Exam 50 LED

Examination Tables
Elsam III Peninsula Lift Table
Free Standing Elsam III Table

Dental Equipment
and Supplies

NEW! VETX55s Dental Cart

VETX50s Dental Cart

Veterinary AutoScaler 


VETX55S Veterinary Dental Cart

Veterinary Dental Cart

The VetX55 Veterninary Dental Cart offers you a complete solution for dental procedures. With an optional "Cavatron type" ultrasonic scaler allows for a variety of standard tips. The VetX55 offers two midwest style standard 4 hole handpiece connectors, a 3-way air/water syringe and saliva ejector.
Powered by quiet .5 HP oil less air compressor reducing maintenance and offers peace of mind and oil-free air.
With its Compact design allows the unit can be easily stored.
It's power coated casement makes for easy cleaning and protects the inner electro/mechanical components.

Some Features:

  • Compact design - Works & stores in tight areas
  • Oil-less Air Compressor
  • Automatic Handpiece Selection
  • Variable Speed Pneumatic Foot Control
  • 3 Way Air/Water Syringe with Replaceable tip
  • 1 Ultrasonic Scaler
  • 750ml Clean Water Supply Bottle
  • Detachable Power Cord
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Handpiece Pressure Gauge
  • Full Pressure/Flow Regulators


  • Size: 18.5" Wide / 12.25" Deep / 29.25" Height
  • Power Cord: Standard detachable 15 amp
    Hospital Grade
  • Electrical: 120 volt 10 amp
  • Caster Size: 2" Wheel
  • Water Bottle Size: 750ml
  • Weight: 75 lbs
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